July 15, 2010

You Snooze You Loose

Well, the Pollyanna in me hates to admit this, but I think we may have missed it! It seems to me that the sneaky Noreaster may have come and gone, all on a bloody school day too - what a blow

The Met Service are saying:

A complex trough of low pressure covers the North Island with a low deepening as it moves over the region late Friday and early Saturday. Another low moves east across the Far North early Sunday, followed by south to southwesterlies. A north to northwest flow spreads over the region early Tuesday ahead of a trough

Saturday: Westerly 20 knots, easing to northwest 15 knots in the morning and tending northerly at night. Moderate sea becoming slight in the morning. Poor visibility rain clearing early morning, becoming poor again in showers developing late afternoon.

Sunday: Southwest 20 knots and showers, easing at night.
Monday: Tending northwest 10 knots. Cloudy periods.
Tuesday: Northerly 15 knots with drizzle patches.

It’s been four whole weeks since my Sunday gang hit the water, so I can’t wait for my beginner and novice session on Sunday at the usual time of 4 – 5pm. I am especially excited about seeing Alans new XT, particularly with the mods! But be warned team, it maybe raining so make sure you bring some warm gear.

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