June 18, 2010

Montys Revenge

Good Luck to all people involved in the Monyts Revenge Multisport race this weekend down in Whakatane. A special good luck goes out to Sandra McIntyre and Mike Weaver, these guys have been doing some ski paddling down with squad at Taka and are looking strong.

And a massive good luck to Tim (Rooster) Grammar and Travis Mitchell who are representing paddlers everywhere today, making the transition from a paddling specialist to a individual competitor - go boys go! We are all stoked you have entered the "blue ribbon" catagory in the gruelling event and we can't wait to see who will cross the line victorious, and officially hold the very prestigeous title of current "best all-round multisport paddler." By all accounts it will be a tight race and we can't wait to see who wins!

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