June 18, 2010

Be Quick

The Met Service are saying

"A deep depression to the northwest of the North Island directs a strong northeast flow across the region and is expected to slide southeastwards today. The flow over northern North Island should turn westerly overnight as an associated trough crosses the region. The flow tends southwest early Monday and lingers through Tuesday. A low approaches the west of the North Island on Wednesday."

So the short story is, get out there Saturday and enjoy the noreaster, it will be gone by Sunday. Waiheke back to Fergs or Devonport would be my pick, but I know that there is a crew who are getting in at Glendowie for a super fun, super fast run back to RAYC this afternoon. If I wasn't stuck at a fire station that is exactly where I would be!

Fingers crossed there will still be a few bumps Sunday afternoon that my beginners and novice squad can enjoy infront of Takapuna Boat Club.

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