July 6, 2010

Grey Old Auckland Day

Well, I got it wrong..... But, seven brave paddlers embraced the winter weather on Sunday; in 23 knot easterly winds and mild drizzle, with an outgoind tide, Tim, Simon, Rob, Mark, Dave, John and Pierre paddled from Glendowie to RAYC (initially paddling east then turning with the wind to enjoy some very good waves home.)

Good on you guys for getting amongst it! Unfortunately the weather was too heavy for my gang down at Taka, which was a blow as pre training txts were pointing towards a record winter turn out - but don't be disheartened team; we will be back in the game on August 1st.

I love the photo of John Land above. a grey, windy old day, bouncing around in the chop in front of Browns Island - it is such a quintessential Auckland downwind run - thanks Pierre

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