July 2, 2010

Time to focus on technique

If today’s weather conditions are indicative of the weekend ahead I can only recommend that you all accept these pristine, crisp Auckland winter days for what they are and focus on technique while you have such still weather. Maybe look at punching out a long session or even a run/paddle session to/up Rangi

The Met Service report

The southwest flow over the region weakens today as a large low rapidly deepens in the Tasman Sea, drifting across the upper North Island during late Sunday, then sliding slowly southeastwards during the start of the week.

I am expecting a good turnout of Thrashers Sunday afternoon at Taka and I am hoping to get the whole fleet of Scouts and (recently fixed) Warriors out in the Golf, rest up Sunday morning guys, because it isn’t looking like we are going to have any waves to play in which means it is going to be longer, harder intervals – WAHOOOOOOO!

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