October 13, 2013

Race 4 and the Series Done and Dusted for 2013!

The 2013 Pita Pit Winter Race series finished on a high this afternoon at Takapuna Beach with some fierce racing across the longer than normal course.

25 lined up at the start of the ski race

a bit of hustle and bustle at the start of the SUP

8km later Mark Orams crosses the line - GREAT FORM!

Category winners for race 4 were

SUP Open Men                                                                              SKi Open Men  
1st          JP Tobin                                                                          1st          Travis Mitchell
2nd        Marcus Spencer                                                               2nd        Danny Morrison
3rd         Troy McAsey                                                                  3rd         Brendon Davey
SUP Open Women                                                                        Ski Open Women           
1st          Penny Strickland                                                              1st          Danielle McKenzie
2nd        Nicola Hocking                                                                2nd        Laura Josephson
3rd         Victoria Stuart                                                                  
SUP 40+                                                                                        Ski 40+ 
1st          Armie Armstrong                                                             1st          Oskar Stielau
2nd        Jason Bird                                                                        2nd        Garth Spencer
3rd         Russell Benshaw                                                              3rd         Tim Grammar
SUP 50+                                                                                        Ski 50+ 
1st          Gavin Haughton                                                               1st          John Soko
2nd        Simon Osner                                                                     2nd        Grant Heim
3rd         Douglas Robertson                                                          3rd         Rob Askew

SUP  U19 Women                                                                         Ski U19 Men
1st           Brianna Orams                                                                1st           James Scott

 And the series winners were

 SUP Open Men                                                                                 SKi Open Men 
1st          Troy McAsey                                                                      1st          Travis Mitchell
2nd        JP Tobin                                                                               2nd        Jack Wilson
3rd         Dion McAsey                                                                     3rd         Brendon Davey

SUP Open Women                                                                          Ski Open Women
1st          Penny Strickland                                                              1st          Danielle McKenzie
2nd        Nicola Hocking                                                                 2nd        Dene Simpson
3rd         Victoria Stuart                                                                  3rd         Laura Josephson
SUP 40+                                                                                       Ski 40+
1st          Jason Bird                                                                        st          Garth Spencer
2nd        Armie Armstorng                                                             2nd        Oskar Stielau
3rd         Russell Benshaw                                                              3rd         Andrew Czar
SUP 50+                                                                                       Ski 50+
1st          Simon Osner                                                                   1st          Grant Heim
2nd        Mark Orams                                                                     nd        Rob Askew
3rd         Gavin Houghton                                                               3rd         Alan Williscroft
SUP U19 Men                                                                                 Ski u19
1st          Daniel Orams                                                                     1st          James Scott
2nd        Jack Evans                                                                          2nd        Ashton Rieser                  
3rd         Oliver Haughton                                                                  3rd         Jonothan Rashef            

SUP U19 Women                                                                            Ski u19 Women
1st          Brianna Orams                                                                  1st          Kayla McKenzie              
                                                                                                        2nd        Libby Bell                           
                                                                                                        3rd         Stefanie Crncevic   

To see the full list of race and series results check out our "Race Results" Page   

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