October 6, 2013

Race 4 This Sunday at Takapuna at 3.30pm

Current Series Standings
Open Men SUP

1st    Troy McAsey     168 points*
2nd    Dion McAsey    149 Points*
3rd    JP Tobin            130 Points

Open Women SUP

1st    Penny Strickland    112 points*
2nd    Nicola Hocking        103 points
3rd    Victoria Stuart        34 points

40+ Men SUP
1st    Jason Bird        148 points*
2nd    Russell Benshaw    134 points
3rd    Armie Armstrong    123 points

50+ Men SUP
1st    Simon Osner        124 points*
=2nd    Mark Orams        114 points
=2nd    Bryan Evans        114 points

U19 Men SUP
1st    Daniel Orams        94 points*
2nd    Jack Evans        70 points
3rd    Oliver Haughton    36 points

U19 Women SUP
1st    Brianna Orams        57 points*

Open Men Ski
1st    Travis Mitchell        188 points*
2nd    Jack Wilson        149 points*   
3rd    Brendaon Davey    138 points*

Open Womens Ski
1st    Dene Simpson        72 points*
2nd    Rachel Clark        38 points
3rd    Victoria Clark        30 points

40+ Mens Ski
1st    Garth Spencer        154 points*
2nd    Osker Stileau        138 points
3rd     Andrew Czar        102 points

50 + Men Ski
1st    Grant Heim        125 points*   
2nd    Rob Askew        83 points
3rd    Dave Chambers        74 points

U19 Men Ski
1st    James Scott        101 points*
2nd    Ashton Rieser        65 points
3rd    Jonothan Rashef    30 points

U19 Women Ski
1st    Kayla McKenzie        83 points*
2nd    Libby Bell        76 points
3rd    Stefanie Crncevic    19 points

*This category winner/place getter is eligible for a cash (or a exceptionally good product prize) based on the numbers in their category.

So that is how is looking ahead of Sundays show down.

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